Official Selections International Shorts 2015

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Film Director and Synopsis
Clock - Piano/Denmark/3.53 mins Directed by: Anthony Leigh Synopsis: A stop-motion film about an alcoholic failure of a piano tuner whose addiction is enabled by his employer who is deeply in love with him. She knows he will fail, and she does this so she can be close to him.
Lonely Planet/United States/24.58 mins Directed by: Alex Burunova Synopsis: While on a temporary assignment in Barcelona, a restless travel guide writer meets a tall dark stranger who challenges her to live in the moment... with him.
Deadly/Ireland/9 mins Directed by: Aidan McAteer Synopsis: Deadly tells the story of Boney, a working stiff in a dead-end job. That is until he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie...
Fixated/United States/13.73 mins Directed by: Anjani Pandey Synopsis: One shouldn't go too far to get what you want....
Ek Tohfa- A Parting Gift/India/11.33 mins Directed by: Gauri Warudi Synopsis: Ek Tohfa is based on a short story by Indian author and blogger Vikram Karve. It is the story of Shruti and Gautam, a successful and ambitious couple. They both love their only son Aditya immensely. Time however plays a cruel trick on them and a once 'much-in-love' couple is going for the jugular now. Each wants to keep the child. What happens to their fight for custody? Is it a victory or a defeat? And for whom?
Do you even know.../Belgium/19.45 mins Directed by: Arthur Lecouturier Synopsis: Alexandra isolates herself. She runs away to overcome the hardship she's suffering. Her pain was unpredictable. So is life.
The Parting Shot/United States/14.65 mins Directed by: Anirban Roy Synopsis: Two old soldiers, confined in their twilight years to a bleak, low-rent Los Angeles nursing home, rage against their mortality the only way they know how – by making war... against each other. In this defiantly unsentimental comedy noir, we see these two uncouth characters transforming their liability – their age – into a weapon. Unleashing a series of attacks and reprisals on each other, they make life hellish for everyone around them. After a particularly violent incident, in which both men are injured, a pair of hapless cops are called in to sort out the situation. The police soon realize that they're in way over their heads, as they contend with the manipulative old warriors, the cynical nursing home staffers and the disgusted fellow residents. Faced with a no-win situation, the staffers and the cops connive to produce a trumped-up police report that should put a stop to the disruptive behavior for good. But fate has other plans and neither of these bitter old soldiers is prepared to go gently into that good night – or anywhere else for that matter. It all culminates in a twist(ed) finale that leaves us with the supremely uplifting thought that nothing keeps you alive and alert like a murderous, decades-long grudge.
A good deal/France/20 mins Directed by: LARZILLIERE DENIS Synopsis: Organizing, collecting and keeping preciously every coupons he finds, Guillaume Malbet makes the world a better place... At least for him. But one day, he realizes he has an intimate enemy, one of those that make super-heros go beyond their limits.
Frontline Men /Canada/19.35 mins Directed by: Benjamin Tessier Synopsis: Montreal. 1963. The first wave of attacks by the revolutionary FLQ group rage on. A young idealist university student is looking for the most efficient way to free his nation Quebec. A disgruntled unemployed father shares his thirst for action. Together the two friends become the guys on the front.
Butterflies/United States/18.92 mins Directed by: Cayman Grant Synopsis: Inspired by true events, Butterflies is a teenage story about a cancer survivor who learns to live life to the fullest with a new friend who faces his own battle with Leukemia. It is a compelling short film about teen-angst, love and loss surrounding Libby and Gavin, who have formed an unlikely friendship while both facing cancer head-on.
Dead Bird Don't Fly/United Kingdom/14.97 mins Directed by: Charlie Sporns Synopsis: Forced into an American high school by her parents, an isolated foreign student becomes attracted to her only friend, her female English tutor.
employee of the day/Germany/15 mins Directed by: Christoph J Kellner Synopsis: In a world of mass consumption, overstimulation and performance pressure three people follow their day by day routine. Two of them work on an assembly line. Two of them share a secret. Two of them are part of the show. Only one can become EMPLOYEE OF THE DAY.
The present/Germany/4.33 mins Directed by: Anna Matacz Synopsis: Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.
Cuerdas/Spain/10.87 mins Directed by: Pedro Solís García Synopsis: María's routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.
Facendon Avenue/United Kingdom/4.35 mins Directed by: David Toms Synopsis: A best selling author is confronted by a character from his latest novel.
VIDEO CALL/India/18.85 mins Directed by: Debal Basu Synopsis: The film is in the form of a video chat between a widow, living alone in a big old ancestral house, and her only daughter, living abroad with her husband and daughter. The mother wants her daughter to come back and settle in homeland; the daughter wants to, but situations don't permit. They are together only in a virtual reality. The daughter is worried by the fact that the old ancestral house, located in a prime area by the river Ganga, has become a soft target of estate mafia. During the video chat the mother goes out of the screen in response to door bell. The daughter is panicked at what appears to be a long absence. Who knows what happens to her, when real estate mafia are around?
Captcha/United Kingdom/15 mins Directed by: Edward Tracy Synopsis: In a futuristic version of 1940s London, an injured man turns out to have had a love implant put inside him without his knowing, in order to make him fall him love with a spy. The spy has by now fallen in love for real with the man, and she must decide whether to reveal all and betray her mission, hoping he might still love her.
Good Hands/Argentina/5 mins Directed by: Francisco Bendomir Synopsis: A young couple makes the unfortunate mistake of leaving their baby in the hands of a teenager.
DAD IN MUM/France/6 mins Directed by: FABRICE BRACQ Synopsis: The middle of the night. Moans are heard behind the parents' door. Two young sisters are asking questions...
SLEEPWALKERS/United States/8.83 mins Directed by: KYUYEOL CHOI Synopsis: There is a newly married couple. Every night, they walk out to the living room while they are in sleepwalking. They start to fight, and curse each other. However, when the next morning comes, they remember nothing. And, they act again as if they love each other.
My Bonnie/Ireland/12.47 mins Directed by: Hannah Quinn Synopsis: Two people at sea, trapped between a rock and a hard place, must face the distance between them.
Be a Hero/Germany/16.95 mins Directed by: Frédéric Gerth Synopsis: A mechanic of the Air Force One (Martin Hanns) has been kidnapped by a ruthless hijacker (Brigitte Obermeier). She insistently presses for the password to de-activate the autopilot of the Air Force One. The mechanic now finds himself choosing whether to save his own life or the lives of many others. The countdown has started... 'Be A Hero' is a suspense-packed action-satire which blurs the line between fiction and reality. It tells the story of a regular guy having his chance of a lifetime to become a hero.
Grown Ups/Spain/10 mins Directed by: Javier Marco Rico Synopsis: Carlos and Marta, both 35 years old, are living the life they've always dreamed of…a house with a yard, a dog, and they're even about to have a child…but there's no such thing as a perfect life.
We Got Your Back/Sweden/3.33 mins Directed by: Viktor Hertz Synopsis: There is so much to feel guilty about nowadays, when you think about it. Sure, we all care about the environment, but honestly, don't you just want to toss all the junk in the same waste bin, sometimes? What if there was a simple service that got your back covered, on a monthly direct debit plan?
Triangels of Happiness/Denmark/13.83 mins Directed by: Jannik Dahl Pedersen Synopsis: Hanne and Carsten are desperately trying to keep up with the illusion of a happy family life to their nosy neighbors. They used be just like everyone else in suburbia, but the financial crises hit the family hard. To be able to pay the endless stream of bills, they have sold everything they owned. But how do you keep up with the illusion of a happy life in times of crisis. Financial crisis.
A Case of Pyrophilia/United States/11.5 mins Directed by: Josh Litman Synopsis: A forensic psychologist is seduced and manipulated by his psychopathic, fire-loving patient.
The Red House/United States/18 mins Directed by: Jiaqi Lin Synopsis: Set in 1915 rural China, The Red House is the story of a 25 year old prostitute, Fangfang, and her struggle to save enough of her earnings to buy back her contract and her freedom. The sudden arrival of a 6 year old child, Amei, being sold to the Red House by her desperate parents soon changes things. The brothel's madam, Mama Yan, puts Fangfang in charge of Amei's training, including the painful ritual of binding her feet to keep them small. Fangfang, who became a prostitute in very much the same way, soon realizes she cannot let it continue, and decides to use her savings to buy Amei's contract and her freedom - something she will now never have.
Go With God/United Kingdom/24 mins Directed by: John Currie Synopsis: David Taylor has just half an hour to live. He is alone in his cell, in a foreign country, facing execution for something that isn't even a crime back home in Britain. David has committed the crime of adultery in Iran, a fundamentalist Islamic nation. In the last minutes of his life he tries to come to terms with terrifying finality of his seemingly insignificant actions. Written to be shot in real-time, we follow every second of every minute of the last half hour of David's life. As he chain smokes his way through to his upcoming oblivion, David is a mess of emotions. From tears and rage to laughter and even calm, he is trying to wrench everything... anything... from his dwindling life. As he interacts with different people, each having a different agenda - the prison governor, the Swedish consul, the guards and his best friend - we see a mirror being held up to reflect the wider world we live in. And finally, it is a simple study of raw human emotion, of friendship and of love.
No, No, You First//9.13 mins Directed by: John M White Synopsis: What would a first date look like if the participants were actually honest? I mean, BRUTALLY HONEST? James and Cait share the worst aspects of each other in hopes of starting a relationship that will last. Bravado and flirtation are for the birds; this couple just needs to get the skeletons out and move on.
I AM SAMI/United Kingdom/15 mins Directed by: Kae Bahar Synopsis: Living in a war zone, 10 year old Sami is forced to take decisions beyond his understanding; decisions that could deprive him of his childhood and change his life forever.
For Sarah's love/France/23 mins Directed by: Frederic Kofman Synopsis: Jean-Christophe (10 years) Catholic, is in love with Sarah ( 12 years), a Jew.For love, he learned with the help of his friend David , how to practice the Jewish religion. He soon realizes the complexity of religion and how it is practiced differently by the communityEven by putting the best of himself, the more he discovers , the less it will include , but love is stronger than anything ...
SOVEREIGN PAPERWORK/Uruguay/2.87 mins Directed by: LALA SEVERI Synopsis: An employee whose hours pass by coordinating files at an archive is surprised to receive a blank paper, this will bring him the possibility to make an unexpected change.
Tøi Cíga/United States/8.28 mins Directed by: Liam Hall Synopsis: The friendship between two boys is tested during a day in the park.
Tomorrow when you sleep/Poland/16.18 mins Directed by: Marta Prus Synopsis: A story about a girl who during an unexpected trip with her father grows into accepting his weaknesses.
Bus Stop/Russia/3 mins Directed by: Marat Gabdrakhimov Synopsis: At the bus stop in Moscow people expect a public transport. They don't know that a few minutes later their lives will be changed. Mysterious car is in the way...
PERCENTAGE/United States/20 mins Directed by: muzappar osman Synopsis: A female NYPD police officer who has a super power that could see people's percentages on their top. Higher the percentages mean better the persons are.From a good person to a bad person, maybe it's just a matter of a single choice you make.
Hitchhiker/United States/7.82 mins Directed by: Nathan Crenshaw Synopsis: "Hitchhiker"" is about a girl named Cara, who's escaped to the middle of nowhere for some time with her thoughts. When a strange, panicked man appears claiming he's running for his life, she must decide if it's really his life in danger, or hers."
Nobility forever/Italy/12 mins Directed by: Guido Casale Synopsis: During a poker game, four nobles are investigating the death of a dear friend. All signs point to the guilt of the butler Michele, but the landlord of the castle does not believe in this thesis. The end of the poker game will solve the mystery.
Take Your Time/United Kingdom/20 mins Directed by: Orson Cornick Synopsis: Tim collects clocks, and he will do anything he can to accumulate as many as possible. Those around him are unaware of his reasons, or are they?
KIKO's PARADISE/Spain/9.57 mins Directed by: PACO GISBERT Synopsis: Kiko is a "magician" who, with a pencil, brings his creations to life: beautiful teddy bear dolls. While in a world tour with his dolls Kiko has an airplane crash and remains trapped for twenty years on an island with only one surviving doll: Boro the teddy bear. During that time, the old man forces the little teddy bear to look for his lost magic pencil, with which he intends to draw his wife into life. When finally the little bear finds the pencil and gives it to Kiko, the old man realizes the loneliness of Boro and with his last breath draws a couple for the doll.
Inner Land/Greece/17.88 mins Directed by: Vivian Papageorgiou Synopsis: In a small isolated village, a young female teacher goes to work in a weird school. Her time differs from that of the school. Teachers & students trap her gradually in their own "dead"" world which has its own rules. Around her, inescapable walls are being built."
Sermon on the mount/Spain/19 mins Directed by: PEPE PUERTAS PINERO Synopsis: It was ever thus, from small, forever. While in Spain concludes dictatorship over 36 years with the death of General Franco, and after the death of his parents, a girl Ana capital making the decision to leave Granada and go north of the province for which never had the strength to do in life from their parents.
The Hunger Artist/Sweden/11.27 mins Directed by: Pedram Dahl Synopsis: Daniel's mother approaches strangers in shopping malls and coaxes them to buy lunch for her. The feeling of anger and embarrassment has been with him all the time, Daniel remember his mom's strange efforts when he was a child and how he tormented and anxious he was because of her actions. As Daniel learns to see the world from his mother's perspective, he has to make a choice either to stop her or to try to accept her as she is.
JAYA/United States/18.5 mins Directed by: Puja Maewal Synopsis: Young Jaya survives gruesome gang life on the unforgiving streets of Mumbai by posing as a boy. When she meets a wealthy businessman who may be the father who abandoned her, she sets out to reclaim her identity.
Ripped/Malaysia/12.5 mins Directed by: Raveen Dev Jeyasingam Synopsis: An avid gym-goer joins a late night neighborhood gym where he finds an over enthusiastic personal trainer who takes a keen interest in his routine as things take an unexpected turn for the worst.
A Matter of Principle/United Kingdom/9.57 mins Directed by: Roger Barker Synopsis: Two sisters get an early morning call to help an old friend who has been injured in circumstances he's reluctant to explain in a place he has no right to be.
Michel/France/12.05 mins Directed by: Romain Richard Synopsis: In order to financially subsist, Michel, a cranky old man, is forced to share his home with Pierre, a young student who finds it difficult living with an intrusive elderly person. In the hopes of securing an intimate dinner at home with his girlfriend, Pierre tries to appease his capricious roommate to gain privacy.
Lifever/France/14 mins Directed by: Ted Hardy-Carnac Synopsis: Karine is 16 and lives with her mother. Every day, she chats with her father on a webcam. Mixing social drama and science fiction, the movie dives into the day-to-day life of an almost normal family...
Winter's Journey/Germany/26 mins Directed by: susanne boeing Synopsis: Walter is waiting at the last station of his journey through life. His family and friends all know what is best for him. But in the end they have to understand that his ending belongs only to him.
PAWO/Germany/8 mins Directed by: Antje Heyn Synopsis: PAWO (Tibetan for »being brave«) is the magical adventure of a little figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills. PAWO is also about the courage to face life without fear and full of trust – although it sometimes isn't as you would like it …
Fanette/France/14 mins Directed by: Sebastien Chamaillard Synopsis: Julien , new recruit « Skin Center », makes customers without any sale !!! After a disastrous first test day Jean-Luc his boss threatens to fire him if he did not made a sale the next day. Julien henceforth to 24h to sell a sofa at all costs !!
The Brief-Case/United States/12.03 mins Directed by: vijay adireddy Synopsis: On the night of their first anniversary, a couple celebrates, however, a briefcase gets caught in the middle.
Mortal Dilemma/United States/13.8 mins Directed by: Michael Minton Synopsis: Violence erupts between three unrepentant men at a West Texas roadside café.
Somos Amigos (We Are Friends)/Spain/12.75 mins Directed by: Carlos Solano Pérez Synopsis: What would you do if you had to fire your best friend? It is at this point where Julio (a young businessman of an apparently reliable firm) finds himself when he learns that Santi, along with twenty four other workers under his service, has to be fired. His boss and friend Max tries to advise him on how to handle the situation, but it soon becomes increasingly entangled. Somos Amigos (We Are Friends) is a short film that seeks to explore the limits between friendship and work... if they exist at all.
Adam in the Sky/United States/7.85 mins Directed by: Wilhelmina Hayward Synopsis: A young girl struggles to understand the concept of death and loss.



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